Criminal law

Legal advice on matters of criminal law

  • legal assistance and representation in front of criminal prosecution bodies and courts of any rank;
  • counseling for the eventual constitution of a civil party in the criminal trial;
  • drafting of memoirs, criminal complaints, formation of an injured party:
  • complaints against measures ordered by the prosecutor:
  • statement of remedies.

We provide legal assistance and representation services in complex cases concerning accusations of:

  • corruption (giving and taking bribes, influence peddling)
  • money laundering
  • tax evasion
  • abuse of office
  • IT infractions
  • fraud of European funds
  • smuggling
  • forgeries
  • deception
  • fraudulent management
  • embezzlement
  • banking and capital market crimes
  • drug and person trafficking
  • blackmail and threats
  • medical malpractice
  • offenses in the sphere of companies, failure to take measures of Security and health at work
  • offenses against life and bodily integrity
  • offenses against public safety
Drept penal Avocat Galati Dan Antohe
Dan Antohe Avocat

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