Electronic commerce

In the current context of economic and social development, the marketing of products through electronic commerce is a modern business method preferred by both suppliers of companies and customers.

In meeting the needs of our clients, lawyers from the Civil Society of Lawyers Budușan and Associates offer complete assistance and advice to clients, companies, to ensure the legal framework of the process of selling, buying or exchanging products through electronic commerce.

Our activity involves assisting the clients from the preliminary phase of setting up the commercial agent and establishing the activity object corresponding to the specific activity of the commercial activity to be performed, together with the procedure for registration and modification of the rights on the domain names.

An important component of the services offered is the assistance and establishment together with our clients of the legal report under which the commercial activity is to be provided to the consumer, in compliance with the whole specific legal framework in this matter, both regarding the obligations that the supplier of services have as well as the rights recognized to the consumer.

In this regard, we offer complete consultancy in drafting the terms and conditions that include both the information related to the service provider that it is obliged to make available to the consumer, as well as the regulation of the contract that is concluded with the consumer by electronic means, together with their rights recognized in the field of personal data protection and consumption law.

At the same time, we ensure that the business of our clients is constantly developing, meaning that we ensure the legal framework of collaboration between clients and business partners by drafting and assisting in the conclusion of collaboration, publicity and promotion contracts, barter or external delivery or payment services. e.

We also assist our clients in litigation regarding the violation of the rights recognized by the law and ensure that all measures are taken to prohibit the infringement and to fully repair the damages suffered.

Given the impact that the internet has in all aspects of life and the continuous development of e-commerce, our team offers you a reliable partnership dedicated to the interests of customers and their business development.

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Dan Antohe Avocat

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