The fees applied will be determined prior a customer needs analysis taking into account:

  • complexity of problems
  • time and amount of work required to solve the problems
  • the importance of the interests in question
  • working with experts or other specialists required by the nature, object, complexity and difficulty of the case
  • the benefits and results obtained for the client’s profit as a result of the work done by the lawyer
  • the financial situation of the client
  • time constraints in which the lawyer is bound by the circumstances of the case to act to provide high-quality legal services

The following types of fees are practiced in the office:

  • hourly fees
  • fixed fees (flat rate)
  • Successful honors

Fees consisting of the combination of the above-mentioned criteria

The hourly fee is set per working hour, (ie a fixed amount due to the lawyer for each hour of professional services he provides in favor of the client).
Fixed fee (flat rate) consists of a fixed amount due to a lawyer for a professional service or for categories of such professional services that he provides the client.
At the same time, it is possible to establish with the client regular fees, depending on his activities, the complexity of the problems and the working time.
The successful fee consists of a fixed or variable amount set for the attorney’s achievement of a certain result. The fee for success can be agreed by the hourly or fixed fee.

Dan Antohe Avocat

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